All of us have experienced this: We make a doctor appointment after feeling sick. Wait for weeks to get treated. Finally, that day comes, wait for another 30 minutes just to see the doctor. After regular exams, he gives you a prescription and now you have to take another line in the pharmacy. Two months later, got a letter from the insurance company saying due to the policy changes, they won’t cover the examination fee.

Instead of getting treatment immediately, you have to suffer and wait. Instead of getting comfort and care, you need to get in line from one…

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This is not a question of if you believe in learning. It is a question about the education system that has been there for thousand years. From philosophy to critical thinking, from mathematics to arts. It is not about the knowledge itself, but the way we teach it, the price tag we put on it, and the credits we get from it.

Disruption in the Desert

As HBS professor Michael B. Horn mentioned in his innovation theory that the most promising areas for innovation is at where we call “nonconsumption”. Education especially K12 is mandatory for everyone to make a living when they become…

Imagining it was a sunny day on Saturday noon, you go out for a walk with your family and accidentally run into this weird history museum with some old dusty car plates hanging in the front. A former employee proudly shows you her ID and walks you through all the procedures that they used to do in this warehouse-like place called DMV. Your kids make silly faces and ask all kinds of funny questions when the tour guide said people would stand in lines and wait for hours to get an approval for driving.

Questions like:

While our daily use of AI bots (Siri/Google home/Alexa) still limited in app control/web searching/home assistant. Some chat-bots have shown a trend of helping us with our daily job in both work environment and social life.

Why chat-bots instead of robots?

We fantasize about future robots all the time in our science fictions, cartoons, and best-selling movies. However, is it a good interface that can serve a daily interaction purpose?

Reality can be the other way round, we were always avoiding bringing big machines into our life. The computer has become smaller and lighter, from desktop to laptop, from mobile…

Xin Tu

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