Jr. Devleague Experience

Devleague is a company here in Hawaii that teaches many people what coding is about and how to code. Recently the students and staff in my school were given the opportunity to take a class with this company without spending a bunch of money. I have to say at first I wasn’t really into it and I didn’t want to go but, my mom wanted me to take the class so I did and I am really glad that I decided to take the class. Last week we learned how to create a website using html which stands for Hypertext Markup Language. We also learned how to use CSS which is Cascading Style Sheets.

We were also taught some commands that we would use to open a directory, change the name of a directory, close a directory etc…. This class was totally worth it. Looking at where our society is going with technology this is a skill that I will definitely befit from later on in my life or earlier you never know. Our instructors Ms.Christie and Ms.Natalie actually gave us a website called w3schools.com that would help us in this class if we get stuck and the website goes over programs like html, CSS, Java etc….. When our instructors want us to work on our own my classmates and I are encouraged to work together or look up tutorials on Youtube which is also helpful. Taking the Jr. Devleague class was no mistake and I know I will have no regrets by the end of the course.