My big brother is cooler than you

Bradley and his current aircraft the Sikorsky SH-60R Seahawk (the Romeo as they call it).

As a little brother, it’s part of my job to think my big brother is bigger badder and cooler than every other big brother out there. As a journalist it is my job to seek and report truth. Today I’m combining those two roles and proving to you why my big brother Bradley is, in fact, cooler and better than you.

You might notice in the picture above that Bradley is standing in front of a helicopter, how observant of you! During the day, and sometimes at night, Bradley gets paid to fly helicopters for the United States Navy. When he’s not doing that, he’s usually giving me the business in a game of FIFA. His current station is at the San Diego Naval base on Coronado Island, where he lives in a beautiful apartment surrounded on the island by rich as heck people and others of almost as much importance as a Navy helicopter pilot. Oh and to top it off, this is the view from just outside his apartment of the gorgeous gem that is San Diego.

His photography skills have some room for growth, but I’ll teach him. Being a Naval aviator is baller on its own, but my big bro was cool before he joined the navy to fly giant death machines that protect America. As a mechanical engineering student at the University of Alabama, Bradley earned a massive scholarship which he maintained for all four years by dominating his classes for the majority of those four years.

In his last semester of school we lived in the same room, he definitely loved every day of it. One day in late February or early March, he walked into our room after class and said “Brice I don’t want to be an engineer.” I looked him in the eyes, befuddled, and said ok, well what do you want to be? He said he wanted to be a pilot in the navy. I said alright then, and I knew right then that he was going to make it happen, because that’s what Bradley does. If he says he’s going to climb Mount Everest, or solve world hunger, or hit a hole in one in Wii golf then he’s going to do it. Nobody I’ve ever met is as laser-focused and determined as him when he sets his mind on making something happen.

Rocking a flight suit while not looking like a douche

I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but getting your wings and becoming a Naval Aviator is really hard. For 12 weeks in the dead of winter Bradley went through Officer Candidate School in Rhode Island, which is actually where our grandfather went for boot camp over 50 years before Bradley. During this time Bradley endured difficult physical training and was without wifi, which would have literally killed a lesser man. After that he spent the next two years going through flight school, working his tail off learning every single detail about each of the aircraft he flew, as well as learning the physics of flight, and how to rock a flight suit and not look like a douche.

At the end of this nearly 2 year run of flight school Bradley earned his wings in February. He joins a group so exclusive that there have only been 38,000 in a full century of naval aviation. That sounds like a lot but let me put it in perspective. There are nearly 1.2 million current active duty military personnel, 276,276 of those are navy, 51,096 are officers (which you have to be to be an aviator), and of those, only 600 fly the Romeo (Mh-60R Seahawk). That’s .05% of those active duty military personnel for those of you doing the math at home. It’s a pretty darn exclusive club.

For eight more months Bradley will be in San Diego training on this particular aircraft, then will spend the next three years in Hawaii. That’s right, after a year in beautiful San Diego he’s going to spend three years in frickin Hawaii flying anti-submarine helicopters for the gosh darn navy. Get outta town!

Now all of this is super cool as can be, but you’re probably thinking “this guy is probably full of himself and plays the ‘I’m top gun if Tom Cruise was tall and not crazy’ card all the time.” The most impressive thing is that he literally never pulls the ‘I’m top gun if Tom Cruise was tall and not crazy’ card, ever. Or any other card like that. This dude has one of the coolest jobs in the world and you will never hear him brag about it or think he’s better than anyone. He’s too busy busting his tail every day studying the magic of flight and other things mere mortals could never dream of comprehending. This is why Bradley has me; I’m really good at bragging and it’s not pompous if someone else brags on you when you’re too modest to do it about yourself.

Not only is he doing all this cool stuff, but he also finds time to be a great big brother making sure I’m not goofing around too much and make sure I’m doing ok. He’s literally (and by jove I mean literally) the greatest big brother anyone could ask for.

There are a million other reasons I could include here, but I’m pretty sure Bradley would once again be mad at me for not shutting up. So take this monologue as proof enough that my big brother is cooler than you.

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