The Anne Boleyn Theory of Funny Women
Rosa Lyster

Maybe is like driving a car with stick, funnies is always perceived as “a man’s thing”, and due to some cognitive dissonance they just can’t associate funny with women. I don’t think I have ever described any of my female friends funny, instead I used the adjective foxy a lot, which does have a negative connoation, while funny on man usually carries a neutral or even desirable tone. Now I wonder, what kind of lens men (including myself) see female through? What other positive attributes we filter out, just because for whatever evolutionary reason, when we first laid eye on them?

I have a feeling that it took men a long time to associate, or accept, the words intelligent/smart with women and considered them a desirable trait, so maybe in the not so distance future funnies will be another one added to the vocabulary.

What words women ignore when they describe men then, I wonder.

This is indeed a “life-changing stuff”. Good weekend read.

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