To understand English words and deeds hidden rules, please look at this book which is not new.

It was published very early , but we’d like to explain to you the beauty of anthropological methodology behind it.

As you may know a book called “the innocent anthropologist”,a bestseller written by Oxford University anthropology, Dr Nigel Barry , which depicts a classic anthropological paradigm — having packed up their baggage to the local, to eat and do fieldwork with the people there,anthropologists from the developed society, who have received a good education with full of imagination in a foreign land culture and customs,also think about the organization form of these primitive tribes exactly what are the similarities and differences with their society while doing fieldwork.

In fact, these place which seems like original land is really keen for anthropologists. In the early 20th century, followed by the United Kingdom to become “empire of the sun” ,British firstly explored the unknown expansion, as the movie “The English Patient” , a large number of the Royal Geographical Society, historian, explorer went to the Far East、 Africa、the Pacific Islands as a status symbol.

A joke saying- because MH370,in some doubt,people has suspected the crash near the Andaman Islands, so a classic-anthropological book “an Andaman island” by British structure anthropologist Radcliffe Brown has a rare treatment.

In general anthropological studies, “participant observation” is the most basic research methods.Although it is possible to fall over indulge in the local culture and judgment disorders, however, once enter an unfamiliar environment, we can easily lead to self collision culture and local culture, but in the study of British society, the impact seems to be difficult to appear.

Britain is full of particular heavy social rules,which was regarded as social disorder feelings.Out of this book, we will find that it can not be summed up as the unspoken rules.

British youth today is not wild and reckless.they are even more moderation than their parents generation,more cautious, and lack of spirit of adventure.

After reading you’d better to test the British society, although it is a clear imitative meaning, but it looks very interesting. If British natives are in a cordial atmosphere, it means social rules remain. If the atmosphere becomes more embarrassing … then it means these rules have changed.