This isn’t going to solve anything, sure one guy cuts you off/ agreed he was being a dick however…

@JamesDexter Instead of getting true data on the amount of cyclists breaking the law I simply used the same logic as the writer of this article. i.e everyone who’s in a car on his way to work is driving to catch their board meeting at 9:00 and won’t be promoted because of some cyclist. Also every drive is left seething in anger as they watch the cyclists fly past them.

I live in the Square Mile and work in the square mile, I walk everywhere and occasionally drive my car on the weekends. I don’t break rules or put any cyclists in danger. However after consulting my cyclist and car owner friends over the years I have come to a conclusion that yes majority of cyclists in London don’t obey law.

The article is actually quite sad and gives a glimpse into his psychotic mind. He reminds me of Patrick Bateman.

Also you just have to spend a day in London monitoring how bad cyclist are when it comes to following rules. You too can come to your own conclusion.


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