2911724 Hanyi ZHANG

The technique I chose is a series of fragments that build a whole. The key words of this technique is fragments. The whole video does not have a long shot instead of making up of a lot of short shots. In the film which named The Clock made by Marclay Christian, the director cut out the pieces of fragments from different films and put them together. We can see that short shot is very simple and clear, there is no extra thing, but also presented to the audience a sufficient amount of information. I used my smartphone to make this film. This film records the whole process of a visit to Hyde Park from a tourist’s perspective. He came out of the train station, first saw the Sydney tower, and then came to the entrance of the Hyde Park. These fragments show all aspects of the park. You can see some children is playing on the grass, some tourists are taking photos. Human and nature live in harmony. Everyone is enjoying his leisure time. Hyde park is part of Sydney but reflect how people live in the city.


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