My income is going to triple this year, and as long as you are in a vehicle where you have some control over YOUR income, I’m confident that this is teachable and can produce predictable results.

At around 37 years old (I’m currently 39), I changed THREE things in my life, and they were all between my ears.

More, the changes I made require no skill whatsoever.

Change #1: Adjust Your Desires

This sounds so oversimplified, but the first thing you need to do if you want to make ANY kind of change — whether that is relationally, physically, or financially — is simply decide what it is you want.

People speak of 10X’ing their goals, meaning, to take your current goal and multiply it by 10. I’d suggest trying this. Does this mean that you’ll absolutely achieve a 10X result? Maybe not, but let me tell you, 3X doesn’t feel half-bad!

Change #2: Fix Your Attitude

This ONE change will make the difference between whether you have an awesome life or an awful life. For me, this is tough! I can be cynical. Which is simply a form of toxicity/poison.

Here is the good news: You are 100% in control of this! It can be corrected fully in a split second. Will you decide that? Will you choose to be positive with people you don’t like? Will you choose to be empathetic and kind to your ex-husband? Will you choose to not be frustrated in traffic, and instead use it as a time to decompress?

Change #3: Correct Your Effort

For my income to triple, I need to apply 10X effort. There is nothing magical about this. You simply make the choice to do more than is necessary, consistently, and watch the results pour in.

And here is why this works and compounds so fast: BECAUSE YOUR COMPETITION WON’T DO THIS.

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