My good friend Grant Cardone gave me the idea to define what “No Negativity!” means within my company. I wrote an extended version of this on the blog for our website, but I will just hit the highlights here.

  1. Negativity is to not help people. No matter what the ask, we drill it into our guys to always say “yes!” to everything. It is the foundation of our customer service. In our business, we restore log homes (interesting, right!). But what I’ve found is that, at the end of the day, people don’t remember the job you did — they remember the way you made them feel.
  2. Negativity is to not take full responsibility for EVERYTHING. We look for opportunities to take responsibility for any challenge our client may be experiencing. From the top to the bottom, we take responsibility for any challenge and — here is the important part — we deal with it immediately. Every person on our team is empowered to solve any problem a client may have, immediately.
  3. Negativity is not being solutions-minded. Look: We all screw up. We’ve all made bad decisions, and we’ve certainly all made mistakes. For us, these are opportunities! You’ll never have a better client than the one where a challenge occurred, but you went so far over-and-above to fix it that you are now basically a part of the family. And the worse the challenge is, the greater the potential upside!
  4. Negativity is to not be open, direct, and empathetic. We aim to apply this to all of our relationships — both external AND internal. We treat all of our clients, teammates, and anyone else with sincerity, appreciation, and respect. This doesn’t mean being a push0ver. In fact, negativity rarely has anything to do with the content of what is said. It almost ALWAYS has to do with intention. And our intention is always going to be growth.
  5. Lastly, negativity is not being excited about work! Life is short, and time is our most valued commodity. So we drill it into our company to be excited about what we are doing! There is no better self-generating energy source than excitement. And if you aren’t excited, then that means your energy is coming from self-will, and that will be short-lived.

How do you define negativity within your own life and within your own company?

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