Using a Migration Agent for Your 309 Visa Application

If you want to apply for a temporary visa to live with your partner in Australia, you may have considered going it alone. After all, it is just a matter of filling in a few forms, isn’t it? The visa application process can be quite complex, and migration agents have the knowledge and expertise to assist you. If you are still unconvinced, we will explore this topic a little further so you can understand the role a migration agent plays in the application process.

What is a Migration Agent?

A registered migration agent is a qualified professional who can provide advice and guidance on your visa options. They can also assist you through the application process including helping you to prepare your submissions, representing you with the assessing authorities, Department of Immigration and Citizenship, regional certifying bodies or any review tribunals.

Migration agents operating in Australia are required to be registered with OMARA or the Office of Migration Agents Registration Authority. This also requires that they attend training sessions every year to ensure that their legislation knowledge is kept up to date. There are also other requirements to ensure that they are eligible for re registering every year. Registered agents must display their OMARA registration number on their documentation.

However, don’t assume that every migration agent is registered. If an agent is working outside of Australia, they are not required to be registered with OMARA or any other regulatory body. For this reason, it is advisable to ensure that your agent is registered with OMARA to provide you with protection.

Is a Migration Agent Necessary for a 309 Visa Application?

If you are thinking of applying for a temporary partner visa, there is no mandate that you must use a migration agent when you lodge your application. However, the process can be complex, and if you lack understanding of the options and procedure, it could cost you more in the long term with additional fees and delays. Australian Immigration Law is a complex and ever changing branch of the legal system and using a migration agent to manage your application could save you money and time by minimising the risk of refused applications.

The Benefits of a Migration Agent:

Qualified agents are specialists in migration law. They have the knowledge and skills to guide you through the visa application process. Beyond lodging the application, using a migration agent can offer a range of benefits including;

Providing advice on which visa class is best suited to your circumstances

Assistance completing the application forms and supporting documentation

Preparing your case file for review

Subsequent advise on any additional complex matters or more complex cases

Advice and assistance on re applications or subsequent reviews if necessary.

If you are considering a 309 visa, Australia applicants should speak to us. The 888 Migration team would be happy to discuss your case and provide help and guidance.

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