The 3 Best Restaurant advice’s that will change your business

How do I ensure my customers return? And Restaurant Marketing

If you buy a guest through traditional media, the cost of that guest is typically Rs. 2,500 to Rs.5,000.

Let’s say your North Indian dinner was Rs.224, concerning the actual “food cost” meaning the curry(Plain palak)(Rs.180), the Roti x2(Rs.22x2=Rs.44), the whole thing(Rs.224). I would give out a 100 coupons for a free North Indian dinner to people that have never been there before. No restrictions.Now, “Person A” walks up to the front door of your restaurant in Hyderabad with a new coupon. “I got a coupon for a free North Indian dinner. Never been here before.” he says.

“Come on in!” you say. First of all, don’t make them pay until the end. Second, you’re paying Rs.224, not Rs.2,500 to Rs.5,000 for each customer. And here’s something that nobody else will tell you. If somebody goes to a restaurant for the first time and has a flawless experience, the statistical likelihood of them doing a second visit is about 40%.

The second time a customer comes and has a flawless experience, The statistical likelihood of a third visit is still about 42%. The third time they come, the statistical likelihood of a fourth visit is over 70%.

You have to market to three visits, not one. This is the part everyone misses!


Visit one, you offer a free North Indian dinner. You sit them down, put a red napkin on the table, not a white one. Identify them as a first time customer, connect with them and work to get them back a second time and a third time. Everyone on your staff should know what’s going on. These are the inside tricks of the trade. Once they’re there the third time, you own them.

Okay, so you put a red napkin at the table. “A” sits down, he’s eating dinner, now he’s getting his free North Indian dinner, he orders water, and it cost him nothing. I know he’s a first time customer because he’s got a red napkin. When he’s leaving, the manager comes to the table, and writes on the back of a business card:

“Rs.300 off chicken.” “Did you like the North indian dinner ?” “Loved them!”

“Well then, you have got to try my chicken. Come in for the chicken!” Now I’m prompting a second visit. Not with a printed coupon, a handwritten card. Now he comes in for the second visit, drops the business card on the table, everybody knows this is the second visit, because the red napkin was the first visit and now he’s got the business card.

So you’re in, but the statistical likelihood of this customer coming back has only slightly risen. You need to get them in the door one more time. It’s never about the one time sale, it’s always about the relationship and repeat business, especially in a hyper-local environment like restaurant and food.

So they finish the meal, you go up you say, “So how was the chicken?” “It was freaking great!” “Are you full?” “Totally stuffed.” “Man, next time you got to try my Fruit Punch. Offer one free Fruit Punch.”

Now, you’re on to something. You have incentivized three visits!

The North Indian dinner cost you Rs.224. The chicken was a wash out because it was a discount. The cheesecake is Rs.100. So for about Rs.350 you got 3 visits out of him with a 70% likelihood of a 4th. That’s the way you market a restaurant within the four walls of it.

Here Comes the Problem:

First time customer I’ll give it to you,” but now some of your long time customers may see that and they’ve got this angst of, “Wait a minute. Why am I being not treated that way as a loyal customer?” It’s always been a friction right?

Solution: (Smart Instagram Marketing)

Now, We just went to Instagram, right? We typed in Hyderabad Got it?

I’m looking at nine posts right now that are top posts and there are literally unlimited amounts of people posting that are from Hyderabad. I scrolled down and now I can see the most recent posts as well. Forty pictures down, forty-eight minutes ago. Thousands of people are posting right now on Instagram from Hyderabad. I go to the top nine posts. I click the middle one. It’s a nice Lady. They have 2,098 likes. “Person B”, she’s lives nearby. She’s part of a sorority it looks like. She has 21,387 followers.

There’s a triple dot in the top right corner on instagram.

I hit it. It lets me send her a message. I send her a message. “B, see you’re in Hyderabad. We love being part of Hyderabad. Here’s a Rs.500 off coupon, Rs.300 coupon, free chicken.” Only she sees it. You’re grabbing somebody who has a big social media profile. You haven’t hurt any of your loyal customers like “A” because no one else sees it. “B” comes to your restaurant and she posts a picture of the food and creates word of mouth. Now that Rs.500 acquisition created no friction to loyal customers, and because she’s using her social media presence, she amplifies it and you’re getting an 2k ,5k, 10k Ruppes, media amplification against your Rs. 500 .It’s a no brainer. It will work.

Last thing, don’t discount. People get addicted to discounts. They don’t get addicted to free.

(We don’t take any responsibility, its on your own risk and can’t guarantee any results.)