The troubling charts that show young people losing faith in democracy
World Economic Forum

Well, as a young person in America, can you blame us for losing faith? I was born in the mid-nineties; I only remember elections since about 2000. So far, of 3 presidents elected in my memory, 2 lost the popular vote, but were put into office anyway. And that’s just at the presidential level – congress is worse.

90+% of people dislike congress and don’t think they’re doing their job, but they get re-elected about 90% of the time. Does that sound like a democracy?

The systems that are supposed to hold them accountable (elections) have been so corrupted, it’s essentially impossible to make any meaningful change. Corporations pour endless amounts of money into the PACs and Super-PACs to get some loser elected. Then they gerrymander the hell out of their districts to make sure you can never vote them out. It’s a sham.

That said, I don’t know if a better alternative exists. What’s that quote? “Democracy is the worst possible system – except for all the other ones.” I find it incredibly worrying that so many people seem to be just throwing their hands in the air. I feel like it is due, at least in part, to a lack of historical perspective. We’ve become so used to a world with democracy and all the good things it provides that most people don’t realise how fragile those things are. I’m fearful that people won’t truly understand what they have until it is lost.

Older generations saw first hand the destruction wrought by an angry strongman with a burning hatred for a religious minority. I just hope we come to our senses before history repeats itself. And I don’t even just mean Trump. He’s bad, no doubt, but he’s dictator lite. His election is just us dipping our toes into the cold lake of totalitarianism. I’m far more fearful of the hypothermic shock that comes next if we don’t change course.