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We are excited to announce that 8 Decimal Capital has invested in Polkadot. Polkadot is solving one of the most important problems in blockchain, interoperability, and we believe that the team led by Gavin Wood (previously Co-Founder and CTO of ethereum, Founder/Lead Developer of Parity Technologies and Founder/President of Web3 Foundation Team) is well-positioned to take on this challenge. Polkadot will be launching towards the end of 2019 and we are excited to the next wave of innovation coming into the space!

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會上,年僅24歲的阮宇博清晰地向參會者勾畫著區塊鏈在社會和製度層面的影響力評估,以及八維資本在這個行業的佈局。阮宇博認為,中國的區塊鏈行業偏應用以及商業層開發,美國區塊鏈行業更注重區塊鏈基底的技術層開發;去中介化的區塊鏈技術顛覆的是價值交易的環節,優勢在於更加公平和高效的重新分配社會資源;人工智能會讓富人更加富有,但是區塊鏈却会为普通人赋能,重新定義的價值的分配體系;而穩定幣產品和技術會也将重塑全球金融格局。据他介绍,新創立的八維資本已經完成對穩定幣公司TrustToken及其穩定幣產品TUSD、穩定幣交易所Bibox、穩定幣加密交易所Seed CX、Coinsuper等完成股權投資。八維資本在韓國最大的公鏈ICON投資回報率已達50倍,在最大的社區化交易所FCoin的回報率達到100倍。

Author:Remi Gai,8 Decimal Capital

Since Facebook has released more details regarding Libra on June 18th, 2019, the project has become a hot topic of discussion all over the news and social media channels in the US. In this article, we have collected the perspectives from several western influential figures in the crypto space, who are coming from investment firms, important blockchain companies, and research channels. Let’s take a look on what the Western crypto community members are saying:

Thinking of jumping into this new technology? Consider the experiences and accomplishments of these entrepreneurs who already have.

Image credit: TimeStopper | Getty Images

Author:AJ Agrawal @Founder of Verma Media

Entrepreneurs in nascent industries often face challenges that seasoned entrepreneurs might not have. In the blockchain industry, these challenges have included education, adoption and external forces like global regulation. Just “selling” a new technology to clients can be a challenge.

But in the case of blockchain and crytocurrency, these challenges are less and less of a problem, as the technology has already become a mainstream phenomenon: Consider just the fact…

“Pandaq, the new financial paradigm,Each generation has its own mission and opportunity”

The future of capital market always involve a combination between technology and finance, and a balance between innovation and regulation.

Pandaq, in which the name comes “Panda” + “Nasdaq”, strives to be a leading financial technology service provider of the Asian market. Pandaq will provide digital asset distribution services for established businesses.

Source:COINSUPER Blog (Official)

We are in an era where global digital economy and financial system is revolutionizing, and has opened the gates to blockchain — known as the “fourth industrial revolution” as described by the World Economic Forum. Blockchain is a decentralized technology that Bitcoin and other digital assets use to store and share data transparently, and be able to perform transactions in a secure and immutable manner in real-time. It uses virtual asset graphic hashing to encrypt data and creates a group of blocks that cannot be altered. This technology, and predominately, Bitcoin has garnered a range of audiences…

HyperSnakes was developed by MixMarvel and incubated by 8 Decimal Capital

At 8 Decimal Capital, we believe that cryptocurrency mass adoption could start from the gaming industry, potentially bringing in billions of existing gamers into the space. HyperSnakes, a project incubated by 8 Decimal Capital, strives to become a pioneer in the blockchain gaming space by introducing the classic game “Snake” into the blockchain industry. In HyperSnakes, not only you can make money by playing games, but also earn dividends as a game host, or as a shareholder through token staking.

We are happy to announce that PLOUTOZ Blockchain Community Derivatives Marketplace has become one of our portfolio company. Community has already rewarded PLOUTOZ for their hard work and solid product and PLO token price has jumped 2000% on Huobi Pool Eco Exchange listing.

The cryptocurrency derivatives market is still quite immature. Currently, there are only an estimated 15 exchanges that offer crypto derivatives, and Bitcoin alone represents 90% of the total derivatives volume. Derivative markets provide a healthy pricing mechanism for the cryptoassets and solves some of the most important problems in the blockchain ecosystem such as volatility in the…

Author: Remi Gai @ 8 Decimal Capital

Editors: 8 Decimal Research

This article is part of the Internet vs Blockchain Revolution Series. If you are interested in reading the other articles, check out this post.

Internet vs Blockchain Revolution: the evolution of the market, infrastructures, and companies

Are we in 1994?

Interestingly, when Marc Andreessen, the founder of Netscape, found himself in Silicon Valley in early 1994, he thought that he was too late and missed the whole thing as the short recession of 1990–1991 hit the technology industry hard. The current stage of blockchain and cryptocurrency development is most analogous to the Internet Revolution in 1994, in which we have invented TCP/IP, HTML, and FTP…

Author: Remi Gai @ 8 Decimal Capital

Editors: 8 Decimal Research

Emergent technologies enable new concepts and business models that were not possible or practical before. These new concepts and business models often take time to be validated and require new methods of valuation. As the Internet Revolution has shown us, timing is very important for these new concepts and models to succeed in emerging markets.

The Emergence of New Concepts:

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