8SIAN: Bridging Asia, NFTs and the Metaverse

3 min readDec 6, 2021


Asia has a population of 4.7 billion people, and an abundance of rich and varied of cultures. For hundreds of years, the Asian community has had to tear down walls to be acknowledged: whether it was in the movie industry, sports, academics, the corporate world or more. Only in recent times are we able to see Asian superheroes, Asian Hollywood stars, Asian CEOs in global companies. And what significance does this have? It gives hope and empowerment to the 4.7 billion strong Asian community.

Nicole, our 8SIAN founder, felt a lack of representation of women and Asians in the NFT space and set her sights on filling that gap. We want 8SIAN to represent and showcase the many cultures and heritage of Asia in the virtual world, a future that we believe is inevitable. We want 8SIAN to bridge the gap and create a community within the NFT space for everyone who shares and admire the many cultures of Asia. That said, 8SIAN is not a project limited to women or Asians, but to everyone who shares the same values and love for Asia and our project.

As 8SIAN is essentially the first to represent Asian culture in the NFT space, we have a strong sense of responsibility to make this a lasting legacy for all. We receive comments from the 8SIAN community members telling us that they REALLY LOVE our 8SIAN art and that they resonate with the message to be proud and embrace our Asian heritage. It genuinely melts our hearts and motivates the team to achieve our visions. That is what we are building, and that is what drives us. To represent and provide a platform for all.

Speaking about a lasting legacy, the 8SIAN team are true believers of the metaverse and naturally we were early adopters. Thankfully, before the meta-bull run we’ve already acquired plots of lands in Decentraland and SandBox. We always intended from the outset to bring our project into into the metaverse, and we intend to bring our supporters along as well.

Think along the lines of an 8SIAN Museum in the metaverse, 3D metaverse ready 8SIANs, and of course Asian inspired digital wearables. The team are already putting in the labor to build this — 8SIAN VIP GOLD PASS holders will always have perks prioritized and accessible first.

We believe NFTs and the metaverse are here to stay, as scary as it may feel in some ways, most of our social lives will be immersed in the metaverse very soon.

As mentioned by our co-founder CryptoSniperYT, “NFTs aren’t just PFPs, but it’s a new way to build communities”

We are honored to have our 8SIAN community. NFTs and the metaverse will continue to create job opportunities, solve real world issues through blockchain technology and provide real life utilities at the same time.

Our 8SIAN NFT holders will reap the benefits of this. We have already started working on bridging our 8SIAN community to the metaverse, and our team has secured meaningful partnerships in the real world as well. For starters, our 8SIAN VIP GOLD PASS holders will be in the draw to receive $PathDao tokens from our partners at PathDao and we will keep on providing value to our VIP GOLD PASS holders continuously.

Ultimately, 8SIAN is created for a community of likeminded individuals that supports and fully embraces the Asian culture and share the same vision for the future of Web3.




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