Leading Asian NFT Project 8SIAN Partners with Billion Dollar Company CIDER for first ever Meta-Verse Fashion Marketing Campaign

2 min readJul 4, 2022

8SIAN is excited to announce our latest collaboration with CIDER, one of the fastest growing gen z fashion brands that has been an early mover in the digital fashion space!

Dubbed the Fashion company for the Tik Tok Generation, CIDER operates a top Gen-Z Online Clothing Store and boasts over 3 million followers on Instagram!

To kick start the partnership with 8SIAN, CIDER recently acquired one of 8SIAN’s NFTs and added it to their Company Vault as part of their exclusive NFT collection and investment.

For the first public 8SIAN x CIDER release, the partnership will be launching our very first Virtual Interactive Gallery! This Virtual Gallery in the Metaverse is FIRST in the world of Web 3.0 fashion. The gallery will feature bespoke artwork of 30 8SIAN ladies modeling an exclusive 8SIAN X CIDER collection. Each of the artwork has a link that allows visitors to purchase the physical piece of clothing on exhibit and with each purchase, the user will also receive a free companion NFT and a digital wearable of that very piece of clothing!

Bespoke artwork of 30 8SIAN ladies modeling an exclusive 8SIAN X CIDER collection

This is only the beginning of the collaboration, stay tuned and expect many more boundary-pushing innovations from this partnership.

The Gallery is live now through to 31st July 2022! Please click to explore our 8SIAN x CIDER Virtual Interactive Gallery!

8SIAN x CIDER Virtual Interactive Gallery

Find out more about CIDER’s co-founder, Yu Oppel, here at an exclusive interview between 8SIAN’s founder, Nicole Yap, Yu Oppel & 8SIAN POWERHOUSE co-host, Joyce Yung!

8SIAN x CIDER Virtual Museum: https://bit.ly/3xJsmWl

CIDER Website Collection : Summer Collectives from CIDER

Find out more about 8SIAN : https://linktr.ee/8siannft




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