The Ultimate Guide to the UNIQLO UTme X 8SIAN Official Merchandise

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How each of the 9 merchandise represents unique Asian culture, What’s in the 8SIAN Official Merch, How to Purchase and FAQs

On a scale of one to nine, how Asian are you? Let’s find out!

Nicole Yap, founder of 8SIAN at Uniqlo DA for the 8SIAN X UNIQLO Collab
6 T-shirts and 3 Tote bags for the 8SIAN X UNIQLO Collab

Who is 8SIAN?

8SIAN is a global and inclusive community representing Asian culture within the metaverse. We are the largest and most successful women-led Asian NFT in the Ethereum network. The 8SIAN MAIN COLLECTION sold out and was trending on Opensea for 7 days with a trading volume over 3k+ ETH (USD 10 million) traded in 24 hours.

8SIAN has branched out into providing advisory services under with successful entrepreneurs like Randi Zuckerberg as our advisor and Shark Tank investor, Matt Higgins supporting our project.

What is 8SIAN Official Merch?

8SIAN revealed its first wearables, the 8SIAN Official Merch collection on 20th August 2022 in the 8SIAN Mansion on Spatial. The collection features 9 unique NFTs (each representing one of 6 T-shirts and 3 Tote bags) that come with a free 8SIAN x UNIQLO UTme Physical Merchandise.

For each 8SIAN Merch NFT minted, your free merchandise will be shipped to you wherever in the world you are! The 8SIAN Merch collection is available worldwide from 20th August to 20th October 2022.

8SIAN is also the first Web3 Brand to collaborate with Uniqlo! This collaboration represents a huge milestone for 8SIAN as a global brand, representing the unique Asian cultures in the metaverse and the real world.

Furthermore, Uniqlo’s vision of “Unlocking the Power of Clothing” resonates with 8SIAN’s vision of showcasing the underrepresented Asian cultures of the world!

Embrace the inner Asian in you with a unique creation for yourself or for your friends!

8SIAN Merch Store:

9 Pieces representing unique Asian Food, Culture and Traditions by 8SIAN X UNIQLO

1. CheongSam - Dress worn by Chinese women

CheongSam T-shirt for the 8SIAN X UNIQLO Collab

The CheongSam is also known as Qipao in Mandarin. The silky fabric and cutting accentuate the femininity of the person who wears it. The CheongSam was the first 8SIAN NFT in the 8SIAN Main Collection to be created and modeled after our founder, Nicole Yap.

This unique NFT ( 8SIAN #2835 ) is owned by Nicole. Nicole eventually bought this piece back from one of her celebrity supporters, JustMaiko (51.7M followers on Tiktok and 2.3M followers on Instagram) for 8.888 ETH on Opensea.

2. Nyonya - Straits-born Chinese women in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore

Nyonya T-shirt for the 8SIAN X UNIQLO Collab

This Peranakan dress is called a Baju Kebaya. Peranakan refers to a native-born person with mixed local and foreign ancestry. It is worn by Nyonya, a female Peranakan, and it was influenced by both the Chinese and Malay cultures. It’s often decorated with embroidered motifs known as Sulam.

3. Hijab - Head-covering worn by Muslim women

Hijab T-shirt for the 8SIAN X UNIQLO Collab

This drawing features a girl wearing a hijab which can be commonly seen worn amongst Muslim women. The dress is a fitted batik dress. Batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to the whole cloth.

4. 8SIAN Logo - The number 8 represents prosperity, success and longevity in Asian culture

8SIAN Logo Tote bag for the 8SIAN X UNIQLO Collab

Our very own 8SIAN Logo! Beautifully handcrafted by our talented artists to represent our culture, love, and respect for Asia and our brand. A strong and empowering symbol for worldwide recognition of the 8SIAN brand. Check out our revamped website -

5. Maneki Neko - Japanese figurine that brings good luck to its owner

Maneki Neko Tote bag for the 8SIAN X UNIQLO Collab

The Maneki Neko is a common Japanese figurine that is often believed to bring good luck to the owner. In modern times, they are usually made of ceramic or plastic. The figurine depicts a cat, traditionally a calico Japanese Bobtail, with a paw raised in a Japanese beckoning gesture. In Asia, the Maneki Neko is often displayed near the entrance - in shops, restaurants, bars, hotels, nightclubs, and other businesses.

6. Boba - Tea with chewy tapioca balls

Boba Tote bag for the 8SIAN X UNIQLO Collab

Boba Tea is a tea-based drink originating in Taiwan which has recently become a worldwide phenomenon. Its main trait are the chewy tapioca balls in the drink which you can drink alongside it with a large straw.

7. Sari - Garment traditionally worn by women in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Sari T-shirt for the 8SIAN X UNIQLO Collab

A sari (often spelled ‘saree’) is a garment traditionally worn by Indian women. They can be decorated with woven gold or silver embroidery as well as adorned along the borders with fringe and elaborate patterns.

8. Dim Sum - Cantonese dumplings and delicacies served with tea

Dim Sum T-shirt for the 8SIAN X UNIQLO Collab

A classic Chinese brunch favourite featuring many small dishes of hand-crafted dumplings cooked in a variety of styles and flavours each with varying ingredients. Dim Sum is usually offered at Chinese tea houses. Many worldwide favourites are Dim Sum prepared in bamboo steamer baskets stacked up for serving.

9. Nasi Lemak - Malaysia’s national dish

Nasi Lemak T-shirt for the 8SIAN X UNIQLO Collab

A Malaysian local delicacy and a staple diet for any Malaysian typically for breakfast but goes well at any time of the day. The fragrant rice is cooked in coconut milk and pandan leaf. Sambal (a chilli sauce) is added for that perfect kick.

Out of nine, how many unique Asian cultures did you know? Embrace the inner Asian in you with 8SIAN’s Official Merch now!

Each 8SIAN Official Merch comes with:

1 x 8SIAN Official Merch - NFT
1 x 8SIAN Official Merch - Physical collectible
1 x 8SIAN Merch Stickers
1 x 8SIAN Discord stickers

How To Buy 8SIAN NFT Merch In 8 Simple Steps:

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FAQs for 8SIAN NFT Merch

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