Connection — the real purpose of Social Media

Person or Like or Follower…

While so many are using social media these days there seems to be a disconnect. I believe that businesses have gotten so preoccupied with getting a Like on Facebook or Instagram, more followers on Twitter or Snapchat, that we’re forgetting that this is about connections that lead to relationships. When all you’re looking for is the Like or follow, you forget about that you’re dealing with, a person.

Earn the right to be heard

All of these tools that I mentioned above should enhance communications, especially for business. Your customers rely heavily on what their peers are saying concerning brands. As a matter of fact they’ll take their friends word on your product or service before listening to anything you have to say. By building relationships with your customers, you’ll earn the right to be heard.

Ways to connect

  • Instagram — follow your followers and send a direct message to thank them.
  • Snapchat — send a snap thanking your followers for adding you and watching your snaps.
  • Periscope, Meerkat, Facebook live — set up a time for a meet and greet to tell your customers more about yourself and your company.
  • Anchor — Invite your customers to add the app and have a real conversation with them. Afterwards, save the wave and upload it to your site.

Endear people

There is nothing more endearing than being treated like a human being. The local coffee shop that I go to frequently knows me by name. They know my favorite drink and begin preparing it when I walk in the door. They take the time to ask me about my day when I get to the register. That quick exchange shows me that they value me not just as a customer but as a person. That’s the only reason I keep going back. They get social media because they connect with me.

Connections breed the building of relationships.

Now go connect…