Nola Muscle Park: A Land of Wonder and Success

Fitness not fun to you? Cable machines making you feel tied down? Tired of doing the same movements over and over in the same place? Ever dreamed of being able to swing through the jungle like Tarzan? To do those awesome flips like the Ninja Turtles? Or maybe you just want to be able to climb a wall at an upcoming obstacle race near you. Maybe you just want to be able to hold up your own body weight in a life or death cliffhanger situation. Or maybe you’ve seen American Ninja Warrior and thought: I want to do that, but I could never get there. Those guys and girls must have some sort of superhuman mutant gene. Well, you are wrong. Everyone, no matter the age or size- young and small or old and large- can reach this level of skill. It just takes hard work, dedication, the right exercises, discipline, and great coaching. What if I told you there is a magical place where you can find it all and you don’t even have to travel to Japan or Nepal? It’s right here in our own backyard. It’s not in a hidden temple. It’s not at the top of an ancient mountain guarded by a group of bearded sages. It’s at 1200 24th St Suite A and B, Kenner, Louisiana 70062 and it’s Nola Muscle Park!


One of the key aspects of staying on top of your Ninja or fitness game is being prepared for anything, and obstacles never grow stale at Nola Muscle Park. The obstacles change with the flow of the Ninja Warrior competition. You will never find yourself unable to be prepared for whatever your Ninja Warrior or Obstacle Racing habits throw at you. As soon as a new, fun obstacle has been revealed, Edgardo and Hai (The super skilled owners of this grandiose establishment) are making their own version. Not only that, they are making their own, harder version. The key to success is to do hard things. Becoming too content is only a recipe for degrading skills and personal development. Therefore, every obstacle at Nola Muscle Park is just a bit harder than the version on the show. The idea is, if you train on the more difficult obstacles, the normal ones will seem easy and it makes perfect sense. From a steeper incline on the warped wall to optional large grips for the devil steps Nola Muscle Park is always finding new ways to make the awesome- amazing.


However, there is certainly no reason to be intimidated by all these massive obstacles and innovative ways to tackle them. Whether you are a veteran or a beginner, Hai and Edgardo will present you with the best way to either tackle the obstacle or build up to being able to tackle it. Take it from a humble beginner who was left in awe and also with a bit of apprehension upon stepping into Nola Muscle Park, these guys are there for you. They enjoy nothing more than helping others succeed and seeing them progress which is the true nature of the Ninja Warrior. I’ve heard people say things like, “I’m too old” or “I’m too overweight.” That’s just a mindset. No matter your level, the guys at Nola Muscle Park will work with you from where you at and build you up to prepare you to tackle one thing at a time. Believe it or not, all that fancy cable machinery and such isn’t necessary to build a more fit body, and these guys will show you how. You will feel the burn, but you will be too busy smiling and enjoying yourself while you “play” to notice. You will be hard spent to find a group of more optimistic people than those you will encounter in Nola Muscle Park. Literally everyone is there to help one another. If one of the owners isn’t around, another member will gladly help you with anything you need.

The most important aspect of this guidance is that the guys aren’t going to let you hurt yourself. It’s tempting to get in and feel like you can immediately do it all, and they will certainly let you try. However, they are going to be guiding you every step of the way to make sure you don’t get ahead of yourself and that you don’t do it the wrong way. Bad technique can become easily en-grained in our memory and the best way to dissuade that negative result is great coaching along the way.


These guys are also super patient and never rush you because they know- this stuff can be hard! They didn’t reach the level they are at in a matter of weeks. These skills don’t just magically manifest themselves. As I always say “progression is key” and one of the main places I learned this was here at Nola Muscle Park. Know that if Hai instructs you to simply hang from a bar- you need to be there. If Edgardo makes you run up the warped wall several times, each time giving you cues, you probably need to do it ten more times than what he told you. These guys are there to make you better athletes. That is their mission and it’s what they enjoy doing most. You can hear it in their voices. You can see it on their faces. They don’t do this to be cool ninjas, they do it to improve the world and to improve people’s lives. They do it to share a passion which has brought so many around the world a feeling of accomplishment and general happiness that can only be experienced, not explained. The bottom line is: If you want to be a better ninja, if you want to experience a positive vibe, if you want to play on some fun obstacles, or if you just want to make tons of new, awesome friends get your tail down to Nola Muscle Park today.

Nola Muscle Park contact info:

Phone: (504)-667–3629



instagram: @nolamusclepark

Owners: Edgardo Osorio and Hai Win

Address:1200 24th St Suite A and B, Kenner, Louisiana 70062

written by: David Carraway


instagram: 8armfitness

(author for and obstacle racing media)

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