See No Evil: Conservatism’s Blind Spot for Fascism
Jason Yungbluth

Your wrong. Fascism exist in any circumstance in which a collectivist groups is imposing their political beliefs on other groups via violent methods and physical and psychological coercion. This is not necessarily about national socialist, or communists but a desire to control others. If you pay close attention to left wing and right win radicalism, they are honestly interchangeable in the level of violence that they can exhibit given political and social power. The only reason I am more frightened by the left, than by the right at the moment is because the left in their fight to regain political dominance, have chosen to admonish groups like anti fa and only attack one side of the violent aisle. Most right leaning individuals that I know, condemn both white supremacists as well as anarcho-communist radicals equally. Both sides are exhibition cult behavior, it just on a grander scale because they have become long standing ideological pillars for extremism. There is little between white supremacists, Islamic terrorists, violent communists, or the very people that took part in the murder of Sharon Tate. It is the human condition that allows people to be take to insane lengths, their personal fears, hopes, the need for acceptance and a sense of self-preservation. Interestingly enough, while everyone is busy working themselves up about left and right wing ground troops, we have the true puppet masters pulling strings right above us with political actors, state representatives, activism leaders, organizations claiming to represent entire “disenfranchised” groups, organizations claiming to stop “white genocide”, influential celebrities, corporate interests, ect. We must put a stop to ideological radicalism (of any kind) and gain commons sense enough to go after the power players (MSM, U.N, ALT MSM, Divisive Activism, Foreign and Domestic Politics) claiming to know what is good for all of us.

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