The Amazon Dash Button Scares Me!

As someone providing a service that is well founded in technology, the Amazon Dash Button really scares the ba’jesus out of me!For the last few decades, web designers and programmers have always had the comfort in knowing that they will always have a job. The world will always need modernized websites to buy products, find services in our local area, and be social. With the coming of the app for mobile devices, an exciting new facet of web design and programming came about. In recent years though — if you are keeping track of analytics of who is using a website and long they stay on the site it’s hard not to notice out attention spans are running a tad short these days.

Soon certain businesses won’t even need a brand website anymore. While it still is 100% professional to have one, your potential customer will soon not even have the patience to Google you. Chances are if you are a service like a landscaper or computer repair shop, no one even visits your website, they simply type “Landscaper” in Google and bam: top businesses arranged by Google closest to you, giving your phone number to call, address to visit, reviews to read (if you have the time). Convenient, “YAS!” A clue of what’s to come after though, as well.

Since around 2013(ish) when noticing all my clients website visitors were on their mobile devices, I shuddered at the thought that no one will be seeing the beautiful desktop view I worked so hard to create. At the same time, I noticed how even the youngest of my clients were becoming more and more computer illiterate than my older clients; a huge surprise! I thought what will be next that we’ll give up on in regard to design in trade for convenience (possibly putting an end someday to one my design services I offer)?

That day of extra job anxiety has now begun with the learning that with the help of the Amazon Dash Button, you can be sitting on “the crapper”, about to run out of toilet paper, and instead of exiting out of your Candy Crush game on your cell phone you can now just put a button on the wall and order more TP…never entering a website ever again — even Amazon!

Oh I get it — why waste time on a website, when with one click or fifty clicks by a overzealous 3 year old, you can order your household goods. Yep, sure, very handy! I will admit that the product design of the button with branding added, first hooked me into finding out more about what this was. Then to my horror, I found out it’s function!

With over 100 brands to choose from you can decorate your home’s walls with tons of buttons. Feel a cramp, order some Playtex®! Itchy bum? I’m sure the Preparation H® button is coming down the pipeline soon (No pun intended…I’m kidding, I intended it!). Put your Trojan® condom button next to the nightstand on his side and a First Response® Pregnancy Test button for her side. The ironic button pairing could go on and on!

Forget about ordering online at Amazon, a beautifully designed eCommerce platform that a talented team of designers and programmers slaved to create. Just click that button. Amazon of course, is catering to the masses with this. A fast paced, over-worked, over-stimulated, anti-social world…that can’t visit a website or write a post-it-note reminder. This may be a panic filled rant induced by the fact that things will change unless theT1000 comes back and takes over and anything web or technological is obsolete anyways.

I can’t stop it, with new products like Google Glasses and the Apple Watch, the beautiful web designs I love will collect dust in cyberspace, forever being unseen the way they were meant to. I will definitely be that elderly lady barking about how things just went downhill after that. Until then and on a more somber note and shameless plug…you need a website design?

Watch the ad for Amazon Dash Button here!