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8i’s volumetric video technology brings human content into a Volkswagon VR experience at auto shows worldwide.

8i’s technology has a unique advantage for bringing a human element into virtual tourism. Helping to build a one-of-a-kind experience for Volkswagen was the perfect step toward exploring the potential of VR technology for the auto industry..

Last year, we made significant strides in championing volumetric human capture across multiple realms. Our VR experience with Buzz Aldrin brought us to SXSW, where we crossed paths with INFECTED, a German-based VFX and VR agency.

Their team aimed to build a VR tour of the streets of Germany as a project for Volkswagen. …

Millions can now access and experience truly volumetric video of real people in Augmented Reality on iOS 11

Since our initial launch of Holo in June, people have placed more than three million holograms of real people and animals in nearly every country around the globe. This milestone demonstrated what we’ve always believed at 8i and the foundation our technology was built on, that throughout history, people have always loved to watch and engage with authentic human content.

The arrival of iOS 11 and ARKit on the iPhone marks the first time millions of people can experience true volumetric video on a mass-market consumer device, and our team couldn’t be more thrilled to introduce Holo with ARKit, the…

I’m excited to share that Holo is now available globally on iOS and Android. Holo is a mobile AR app that lets you add holograms of real people and animals into your real world and snap videos or photos to share with friends. It’s a lot of fun!

The inspiration for Holo came from a kitten.

Here’s a holo of Lola with me at this year’s Google I/O

Not any old kitten, but a computer generated one, that could be viewed through your phone’s camera, jumping across real furniture. It was 2016 and I was getting my first look at a new wave of AR enabled phones built on Google’s Tango technology…

Available via TIME and LIFE VR on Steam and Viveport for HTC Vive

We are thrilled to launch 8i’s very first VR release into orbit with TIME and LIFE VR. Starting today, “Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars,” the worlds first legacy VR experience in which the celebrated astronaut’s hologram takes viewers on a journey through his plan to send humans to Mars, is now available to the public on Steam and Viveport for HTC Vive. A 360 trailer is available for free in the LIFE VR mobile app for iOS and Android, Samsung VR, Vimeo, Youtube and Facebook. The full experience is coming soon to the Oculus Rift.

360 Trailer of “Buzz…

8i and Buzz Aldrin head to SXSW for the premiere the world’s first legacy VR project featuring a human hologram

Last summer Buzz Aldrin came into 8i studios to record a message to astronauts and scientists preparing for the journey to Mars. Since then, we’ve had the honor to work with the American icon and our partners at Time Inc. to bring his vision to life in virtual reality. Buzz Aldrin: CYCLING PATHWAYS TO MARS, which premieres next week at SXSW, is the world’s first legacy Virtual Reality project that archives Dr. Aldrin’s plan to send humans to Mars with his hologram as your guide.

Buzz Aldrin’s Cycling Pathways to Mars

We are over the moon to bring Buzz’s vision to life for the first time…

Conference-goers can snap photos and videos with #HoloBuzz in mixed reality ahead of the astronaut’s VR debut

We’re thrilled to have been invited by Google to showcase #HoloBuzz at GDC 2017 (booth #1424) this week in San Francisco. On Wednesday, March 1 through Friday, March 3, attendees will have the opportunity to “meet” a photorealistic 3D hologram of Buzz Aldrin on 8i’s Holo beta app, powered by Tango, and take a photo or video with the celebrated astronaut.

Buzz Aldrin hologram, created by 8i, in mixed reality video shot with Holo

#HoloBuzz descends on GDC to promote the historic icon’s legacy VR experience, “Buzz Aldrin: Cycling Pathways to Mars,” which we’re excited to premiere later this month…

8i records Jon Hamm’s hologram for the Sundance premiere of MARJORIE PRIME

Holograms featured in Nonny de la Peña’s OUT OF EXILE, Passage Pictures’ MARJORIE PRIME premiere starring Jon Hamm, and ETC @ USC project WONDER BUFFALO

We’re excited to be back at Sundance this year after unveiling our technology for the first time at last year’s festival. In 2016, we came to Sundance to demonstrate how storytellers can push the boundaries by bringing real human actors into realistic virtual experiences with cutting edge volumetric VR technology. This year, we’re honored to have holograms created with 8i technology be part of three exciting VR and AR projects from storytellers featured at Sundance.

Jon Hamm makes his MARJORIE PRIME role a reality with #holohamm

By Linc Gasking

As last year came to a close, I spent a lot of time thinking about our growth in 2016, what we accomplished, how our strategy has evolved, and most importantly, how our vision still holds true. Looking back at my first post around the time of our Series A news, the vision we shared of the evolution of media and human communications from 2D to 3D, is still very much our vision today.

“In the future Mom is going to drop into your kitchen for a quick chat before dinner — but this time teleporting in with…

At the Ad Age Brand Summit LA, Industry leaders discuss “VR, AR, MR, 360 and What’s Coming Next?”

Last week, 8i cofounder and CEO Linc Gasking joined other industry leaders to discuss virtual, augmented and mixed reality, and look ahead at how brands and advertisers will leverage these emerging 3D mediums in 2017 and beyond. Moderated by Greg Kahn, CEO of GK Digital Media and President and CEO of Internet of Things Consortium, the panel included Gasking, David Aufhauser of VOKE (which Intel announced it will acquire) and Ariff Quili of Blippar.

Aufhauser, Quili, Gasking, and Kahn at the Ad Age Brand Summit LA 2016

Here are the takeaways for brands as they consider how to leverage VR and AR to engage audiences.

Branded VR and AR content is the low hanging fruit.

Meet with producers and directors in VR, and…

In some ways the biggest beauty company in the world thinks like a startup. We heard from L’Oreal’s VP of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Rachel Weiss, at the Fast Company Innovation Festival what it means to be an “intraprenauer” and fostering a culture of innovation.


The easiest way to create and experience volumetric holograms of real people for augmented, virtual, and mixed reality. Visit us at 8i.com

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