The Button Under His Desk
Mimi Kramer

“My beauty will be the death of me.”

I’m reminded of the character Nocole Kidman played in Dogville. Everyone had a reason to use and abuse her that fitted their personal m.o. As relevant as ever. How many of us have simply looked on and did nothing while witnessing demeaning, degrading and unethical gestures?

Our society still depicts women as desirable objects, starting with overly made up children models. It’s like an unspoken norm of acceptence that is sown, cultivated, reaped and prepackaged by the medias as ‘acceptable tidbits’ responsible for wide spread desensitization in the portrayal of women as subservient, submissive and eager to please. This enabling of the enabelers must stop.

It is hard for me to believe that most men cannot and will not even consider that sacredness of the devine feminine.

So much ignorance, so little education.

I learned a lot from your article, thank you.