UI/UX case study for the New York Times app
Johny vino

I’m trying really hard to get my head around this, maybe it’s just me, but this all seems like a lot of complication and convolution to do a simple task like digest the news. These additional tasks and strange layouts only add to the load a user needs to go through to read stories, if I have only 2 minutes to read the news headlines, I don’t want or need more interaction to filter the stories by length, it’s more than likely I will just want a scan of the headlines and read more into the stories when I have time.

“As it is a four weeks project, we have set a boundary to design a simple solution”

I really struggle to see the simplicity here to be honest and if a news app I did consume information from started to introduce further interaction and confusion to read the content, I’d delete the app because it’s the content that defines the experience — not all of these pointless interactions and transitions.

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