It’s Not Okay to Hate Hillary Clinton
Jennifer Hoelzer

I appreciate the distinction between disagreement and hate. I often favor a certain politician over another because they express their viewpoints less with vitriol & hatred and more with reason, civility and a view towards acceptance & kindness for other humans. I believe the most destructive thing in politics (and in society more generally) is not ineptitude, ill-conceived policies, or even stark disagreement. It’s the inability to be civil toward another person who has opposing viewpoints. Liberalism & conservatism at their best both want the same general things, & I think the country could thrive under either type of leadership as long as the leaders had the maturity of reason and the ability to listen. Of course there are issues that will always be debated & no solution will satisfy all, but that’s democracy.

Even if you don’t believe in the man, I think it’s hard to argue with the “new commandment” Jesus gave when he said: “love one another; as I have loved you…”. Sadly, very many people who see the U.S. as being founded on religious ethics & who profess Christianity forget this most important, defining thing.

Anyway, thanks for a great article. It helped me see H. Clinton more clearly.

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