8villages Returns to Go Global Through WSIS in Geneva 2017

World Summit on the Information Society Forum | @ WSIS by ictwca.com

World Summit on the Information Society Forum (WSIS) 2017 will be taken place in Geneva, Switzerland. The event will represent the world’s largest gathering of ICT for development of communities around the universe. It engages individuals, governments, civil society, local, regional and international agencies, research institutions and private-sector companies to show each solution in one meeting point.

Category 13 | @ wsis.com

WSIS become a great place to exchange information, sharing ideas and analyze current phenomena from each area, approach partnership and engagement, and find solution for all existing matters. Due to the event brings the spirit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), WSIS is the best place to engage all parties in contributing their idea to encounter all obstacles and problem in the reality.

This world summit is a part of United Nation summit that was initiated to build great evolvement platform aimed to neutralize issues around. Through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), this event attempts to approach vision, desire and commitment of all related-parties so the impact will be wider than the previous one. This also aims to provide accessible platform where everyone can create, access, utilize and share information.

Bringing the spirit of future impact through technology, WSIS gives chances for any sector to participate in the event, including startups. Indonesia is one of country that should be proud because we successfully fulfilled 18 innovations to the categories.

8villages secured a slot under category of ICT Applications: e-agriculture. 8villages will bring information system for farmers called LISA (Layanan Informasi Desa) or in English we mention as Village’s Information Services.

The platform of LISA enables rural communities, individuals or farmers to have accessible portal in getting valuable and useful information. Existing platform from LISA like PETANI, GEMBALA, and NELAYAN appear to assist local users in the villages while doing their activities.

Display of Petani Application under LISA by 8villages | @ Private doc
Display of Nelayan Application under LISA by 8villages | @ Private doc
Display of Gembala Application under LISA by 8villages | @ Private doc

PETANI (in English means Farmer) is an Android-based mobile application portal for farmers to engage with their business partner, NGO, Government, market and agriculture experts. Just like PETANI, GEMBALA has the same function as digital portal for cattleman to connect with external parties beyond their zone, while NELAYAN helps fisherman to access reference portal for information and sharing platform about fisheries.

Those applications can be downloaded through Play Store, because currently it’s only available in Android version. Speaking of which, applications under LISA are embedded with main features like Question and Answer space between experts and users of the apps, Article column, store as online market tunnel and other supporting features.

8villages realizes that ICTs need to be applied inside the whole aspects of the life and all sectors, including villages. Providing access to the world’s window for BOP community, 8villages believe that ICTs can bring a betterment and evolution in our rural area.

When digitalization has approached all people around the world, information access and technology can give benefit in leveling up the condition of community in rural areas including farmers.

So, through WSIS, 8villages hopes that we can be a leading role model in giving impact to the rural areas by leveraging the power of ICTs, collaboration, and community development.