[Infographic] How to Help Developing Indonesia

There are about 52 thousands ITC graduate in Indonesia every year, according to Statistics Indonesia. The bests of them thinking about applying in Google, Microsoft or every other big ITC company in the world, while there are a lot of start-up businesses in Indonesia. Several of them potentially growing to bigger scale. This is where they should go.

It is our job to educate people how to involve in cyberspace properly. Especially ITC graduate. It is one of your job now, to lead the country to the greater good.


Start with working in a company that concern about helping minors grow. Like children, or villagers.

Infographic | 8villages

That is what we do in 8villages. We are trying to help villagers in developing more advance agricultural style. Help them how to maximize the technology utilities they own, that they have no idea what the tech can actually do.

8villages provide unlimited information access across the country between farmers. Corns farmers from Maluku, for example, can ask about their pests problem to experts directly through the Petani App, discuss what method to use while it is dry season, or even find business partner to whom they sell their crops.

If you have the same sense in building this country to be more educated about ITC, you might as well join the force. Look us up on Google, we’ve been featured in many sites. Or, you can click www.8villages.com. You can submit your CV and Cover Letter to hrd@8villages.com.

Febri Pohan/8villages.

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