User Analytical Data Base brings simplicity in reviewing activity!

Types of user analytcia data base | @

Blog site like Wordpress provides digital review to let the users know and manage their blog, this feature is basically very useful to support users reviewing their post in their site.

This technology can give more benefits to see the interaction progress of the visitors. It’s like mother of control where the administrator or the site owner could directly review the progress through graphic and numbers.

As Information and Technology Company, 8villages runs its business to be a technology business partner for our clients who need help to get digital platform to assist their project.

As the example, Android-mobile application for farmer called PETANI JATENG. It consist of several features like Q&A, articles etc. Then, the administrator or the project owner can directly review the progress or activity of the users through dashboard.

A piece of display example from 8villages | @ Private doc.

8villages learns that users need interaction with their project with detail and accurate report. We apply the system of user analytical data base into the dashboard of the application.

The dashboard is basically generated to the application. When the application users like PETANI JATENG, PETANI, KumpulData and others are being used by the users, then every single activity can be recorded and displayed in the dashboard.

User analytical data base implements the menu for conversation traffic, user traffic, messages traffic, timeframe activity through graphic and others. It’s like bringing a great monitor into a dashboard to check and review all of activity outside the table.

User analytical data base that 8villages applies will bring experience for project owner or administrator to engage with digital interaction immediately.

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