What is it like working in content division?

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Content Writer, Digital Marketing, Social Media Analyst and other vacancies that relate with Online Campaign become such an important variable for a company or startup lately.

The role of these people who work to approach audiences or social media user through internet can bring double impact to the sustainability of a business. Why then? It’s because most of people currently become social-media-addict.

Regarding that condition, many companies attempt to hire more content writer, content marketing, and social media executive to support online campaign. It’s like the existence of a business relies on how good their online campaign through social media and any types of platform.

This situation invites more new talents to enter this position and this is basically a good sign. When we talk about content division creativity is ideology that this division upholds. Inspiring content should be provided to build positive vibes to all of people who see the ads or article.

Our society has turned to be too critical in giving their perspective and input toward such a campaign which indicates that our society has become pretty smart to engage with certain contents.

Some questions come up to the surface like, what is it like working in content division? and how these talents could provide good content to attract audiences?

Work to inspire and educate people at the same time

Maybe it’s too cliché when we talk about this, but for millennials doing well to society is something like faith that they always bring wherever they are. Working in content division would be very interesting when we know how to do it. Just like following your passion, you should get the genuine passion and intension to involve within this world.

It’s interesting to provide inspiring content

Just like writer and book author, when they have something good then sharing to the others will be very exciting. You won’t realize how impactful your content until it reaches in the first page of Google search. Inspiring content will inspire others when it contains good messages, applicable, add new knowledge for society to do the right thing and engage society to erase bad habit or bad things.

We play with our creativity and that’s fun!

Just like an ideology, creativity is something holy and sacred that should be kept by people who work in content division. Basically everyone has their own creativity but to actualize it into the real condition, effort and willingness are something mandatory to own. Then, to trigger your creativity you only need to practice it through brainstorming and research. That’s pretty easy, isn’t that?

Our work will be published to the public and it’s such a pride

Even if people who work in content division are not a book writer, but when our masterpieces are publicly published into digital world where all people can easily access it, well it’s a big pride! This is one of part that content division need, and it’s called publication.

Provide good content

When the question about how these people get pretty amazing ideas, the answer is only one! It is exploration! Exploring ideas is like supporting variable to enhance your level to be an expert. To explore your idea there will be several things you need to do and here are the things,

Keep researching

Before going to the exploration phase, a step you should do is research. Learn about how exactly the condition of our audiences and what kind of content that they demand. If this phase has been done, you can understand what to do to approach the audiences.

Keep learning from the mistakes

This is the reason why monitoring the movement of your company and its competitor is something important to do when you work in content division. As content squad, what you have to do is to compare and evaluate all phenomena around the virtual world.

Ask feedbacks as many as possible

Feedbacks is like mirror to everyone, you are going to see the real you or the genuine condition of your work through people’s perceptive. Be brave and fair enough to yourself in achieving feedbacks whether it’s good thing or constructive critical statements.