5 Most Common Samsung Galaxy Problems and Its Repair

Sometimes bad thing can happen to a good phone as well. We consider Samsung Galaxy S series is a strong line of smartphones. Nevertheless, there are a few common breaches users can experience while using it.

Hopefully you don’t! But in case if you did, There is nothing to worry! Communication Mobile Services can help you with it. Keep in mind, repairing your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone is whole lot cheaper than replacing it.

Let’s take a look on some common issues of Samsung Galaxy S Series:

1. Screen Replacement

Dropped phone and freshly broken screen as a result. This is something 80% of smartphones users have experienced even once. Owners of Samsung Galaxy S series with different types of LCD screens are not an exception. In fact, these smartphones are susceptible to common physical damages such as broken and cracked screens. Bring your phone to the repair service and let professionals take care of it.

2. Water Damage

This is one of the most common damages phone users coming with. Accidently dropped phone into the river, pool or even toilet is not unique anymore. And most of the times phone can be saved and brought back to life. Nevertheless, latest models such as Galaxy S7 and S8 are water resistant. So, the owners of these smartphones can feel safe while phone slipped from their hands straight to the water.

3. Faulty Buttons

In fact, this is pretty serious problem. But commonly appear after long term smartphone usage. Mos of the time, the problem could result from the hardware issues. Before going to the repair services, try to reboot by holding down the Power and Home buttons. If this doesn’t work, then this case is more serious and you need to bring it to diagnostics. You will get your phone back as soon as the problem is detected and solved for you.

4. Short Battery Life

While the latest Galaxy S series have larger batteries than their predecessors, some users still complain about short battery life. First thing that can be done is to uninstall the power-hungry app to see if your battery life improves. There is always possibility that one of your apps that is draining your battery has a bag inside. And don’t forget the life of a battery is two years. In case you don’t want a bloated battery to damage the motherboard, replace it as soon as it possible.

5. Slow charging

Last but not least, this issue of Samsung Galaxy series is a susceptible charging pin. There are a lot of smartphone users who have experienced it as well. The reason behind it could be rough handling or side-ward forces. You can always replace a charging pin with a help of professional repair services. And if the diagnostics shows the corrosion, then you need to replace a charging ribbon as well.

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