Nowadays, it is difficult to surprise anyone only with technical characteristics. Much more important is the convenience and consideration of the device, its bright distinctive features. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ went through all the points: they have exquisite design without side frames, compact body with protection from water and dust, large and high-quality screen, modern iron, excellent cameras. Do not forget about the contactless payment service Samsung Pay, the scanner of the iris and smart assistant Bixby. In front of us are devices with advanced flagship capabilities, and not just a powerful stuffing.

Let’s take a closer look on the “clever helpers” of the device that we were waiting so desperate. Rumors confirmed: the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 appeared with an iris scanner. It is used to instantly identify the user and unlock the smartphone, although you can resort to both the fingerprint sensor and the traditional unlocking button. Some applications support iris authentication without entering the password, as well as payments through Samsung Pay.

But even more exciting was the emergence of an intelligent assistant Bixby — this is one of the main chips of the Samsung Galaxy S8. With Bixby you can manage your smartphone voice to set things such as alarm clock, reminders and so on. More interestingly, Bixby is able to recognize the contents of images and this opens up the following interesting possibilities:

  • recognition of places and attractions on the camera;
  • translation of text and street inscriptions from foreign languages;
  • search in online stores of goods that you hold in your hands or shot in the photo;
  • business card recognition and saving contact details.

Bixby does not currently support all languages, but as support grows, it will be an incredibly useful feature during travelling and business assignments.

Eventually the Samsung Galaxy S8 is clearly the best and most versatile choice among Android smartphones, which will suit both amateurs of entertainment, business people and travelers.

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