Well-known prints in a totally new look

Monotonous things with boring prints along with the fashion for masculinity in the spring-summer season 2017 are gradually receding into the background. Now the emphasis is on femininity in all its manifestations: from the sensitivity of the flowing chiffon to the variegated and some inconceivability of floral patterns.

Floral tenderness

Flower print — another way to decorate an already floral season. In the fashion as a total look, and individual floral details in the form of bright buds and blossoming field flowers, decorating the collections of Tory Burch, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, Jason Wu and others.

Floral romanticism took the form of air dresses, flying skirts of fitted suits and silk dresses, combining the main trends of the season. Together, with a canvas backpack, it creates the effect of feminine lightness and ease.

Cartoon rules

T-shirts and sweatshorts, even with the boldest inscription, will surprise no one. Designers offer a new way to express themselves — pop art prints. Funny inscriptions, heroes of comics and cartoons, food illustrations — designers in full demonstration for their ironic attitude to high fashion.

Clothes with colorful prints are not something new in the fashion world. Jeremy Scott is into dresses with elements of pop art. In the spring-summer season of 2017, other designers joined in. Elie Saab, Dolce & Gabbana, and several other well-known brands have added to their collections clothing with the elements of pop art. So do not hesitate to refresh your look with a cartoon printed bag.

Forever checkered

The checker and strip are the two main characters of the classics of the spring-summer season 2017. Designers have “played enough” with the shape, size, and color. In this season, you can see both monochrome checkered total look as well as in a combination with other prints.

But if you are not feeling confident enough to mix two different prints in your outfit, it is not a big deal. The answer is an accessory! Find your perfect checkered purse and combine it with every look you want. This summer it works!


These are the trends without which your image would be boring and not interesting. Even the familiar stripe and floral patterns can look in a completely new way thanks to the non-standard design approach.

Be fashion. Be fresh. Be Sepphire.

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