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Grab them wholeheartedly

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Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Each day is a defined virtual run in life
Family spending quality time together
Eventually joins the denial pile

It has never been the time’s fault
It’s one’s self management that’s involved

Days turn into weeks
Weeks into months
And months into years maybe
Before one realizes and succumbs

By then many valued moments are long gone
Slipped off so fast, amidst this busy life
Never been prioritized

Don’t lose hope yet
There’s always a positive aspect
Realization being the very first step
And next, to recommence

Grab all moments of togetherness
As life graciously showers on the way
No matter what time
No matter what place
Just rejoice them heartily
Weaving into sublime memories
Reflection of a lifetime of happiness.

©Neha Sandhir. All Rights Reserved.


A nature tanka

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Photo by Valiphotos from Pexels

Colors of nature
Energizing gift to sight
Reflecting vibrance
For us to soak, savor- and
Clothe ourselves with happiness.

©Neha Sandhir. All Rights Reserved.

Thank you for reading 😊. Hope you enjoy reading some of my other poems/articles too.


Feel the energy

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Image by TF3000 from Pixabay

Serene drive on a scenic route
Making our way through
Woolly white floating clouds
Embracing the gentle caress of
The cool breeze
And imbibing all the energy
Mesmerized by nature’s playful existence
Surrounded by Autumn’s magic
A tranquil nature getaway
Is all we ever need.

©Neha Sandhir. All Rights Reserved.

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