Reviving a long lost passion or is it just a need?

2006 me and my friends started

The blog was successful, Well! How did we measure it?

Where is the tecktadka team now? In a WhatsApp Group.

Why did I/We stop blogging? Most of us got jobs, moved to different locations… Main reason: We were not in touch.

Why get back to it now? I am a techie, I work on different open source technologies, I should share what I learn or discover or may be just log it for my own good.

What is 90mph? It is a childhood wish of bowling fast and clocking 90 miles per hour. So the name keeps reminding me of my goals.

Since I am employed I hope it doesn’t​ violate any terms of employment! It won’t, I have always been a compliance man, right from filing honest ITR(tax returns), mentioning exact percentages in academics to real performance stats of my application. I know what I am sharing. Also, open source community has given me my bread and butter, I need to give something back to it.

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