A glass of tasty Hazelnut Cocoa

#27: Hazelnut Cocoa

When Sabrina and I went shopping the last time, we found an unknown alternative for milk. Besides drinks of soy, rice, oat or almonds I didn’t know this option.

I wondered if using hazelnut drink wouldn’t be better than using soy milk for a cacao. That’s why I bought it and made me a glass of:

For the cocoa we need some powder. A very famous brand is “Cadbury”. You can buy different cocoa products by it.

While I was mixing the drink and the powder, I took pictures. The glass almost spilled:

The cocoa was delicious. It’s way better than a cocoa with soy drink. I think the flavour is very different to cocoa with cow’s milk. Because of the hazelnut it reminds me of “Nutella”.

Maybe you would like to try it as well?!