Richard’s Hair Salon

#29: Richard’s Hair Salon

My hair was growing and growing. That’s why I needed to find a hair dresser. But it wasn’t that easy to get a new hair cut.

Sabrina and I are working from 9 am – 5 pm. Like most barbers in Irlam.

Hair dressers
in Irlam

I tried to find out more about the different hair salons on the internet, but there is no up-to-date information about the hair dressers of Irlam.

Since last week I stopped by at different salons. Unfortunately, it’s not usual to give some opening times at the front.

But today after work I cycled from salon to salon and tried my luck. Two hair salons were closed. One was opened but the barber was already gone – only two women who were designing nails held the front.

The fourth salon I stopped by at was “Richard’s Hair Salon” which you can see on the title.

My new haircut.
Thanks to Sabrina for taking that picture.

I just needed to wait a few minutes until I was next in line. The barber was young and very friendly. It was hard for me to understand him because he had a bit more of an accent than our fellow workers. But it was funny anyway.

After he finished my haircut I asked him if I was allowed to take a picture of the façade. He agreed and was very amused about me.

When I took the picture I entered the salon again, said thanks and cycled home.

On the next morning I became aware I didn’t pay my debt. That’s why I visited the salon again. They were very happy I came back and asked me to get another haircut before I would go back to Germany.