Screenshot of Uber’s new tool, Movement, in action and one of its use cases. (

With the launch of Uber’s new data service, Uber Movement, cities are able to gain new insight to how this private ride-sharing service has been behaving in their city. Another huge part of the data, and the one that Uber is pitching, is the anonymized traffic data from 2 billion rides. With this, Uber hopes that cities will be able to gain insight to how traffic functions around the city.

Included on the site were a series of case studies to show the insight that can be gained from the data. I found the Washington DC study most interesting and…

Cell phones have never left our pockets since they were planted there in the mid-2000’s. They are here to stay and we have come a long way since the invention of T9 texting. In this high-tech age where apps are constantly trying to compete for space on your home screen, I think a large part of the future for tech services comes right in one of the oldest “apps” on your phone. The texting app. It’s here to stay and people won’t stop using it.

The Early Days

When giants like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and countless other tech companies were being founded the…

When looking at choropleth maps, there needs to be a clear definition of the spatial units. Whether that is countries, counties, census tracts or settlers of catan tiles. The creation of borders using stroke is a foundational concept in map-making. You need to be able to differentiate us from them, friend vs foe.

With my frequent use in the manner of population data use and creating tons of choropleth maps color is a major factor when creating spatial visualizations. There are all manners of depths that a cartographer or map designer can go into color theory in order to create…

My name is Ben Thornton. I am 20 years old. My life is awesome.

Your mind is the single most powerful tool that you have at your disposal. It needs to be used wisely. My freshman year of college was a rebirth of my mindset. I suddenly stopped being stressed, sad, and angry as those outbursts were not doing me any good. They weren’t productive. I didn’t need them and I still don’t need them. Logic and objectivity are some of my favorite qualities about myself and the commitment to these ideals has changed my mindset.

Once I developed this…

Ben Thornton

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