Let’s see in which cases we need to use a state management pattern like Vuex

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Nowadays we overuse frameworks and libraries, just because they are popular but not because we need them.

I realized this by looking at the mistakes I made when I started using Vue.js.

At that time I did a lot of research and I noticed that everyone was using Vuex in Vue.js projects, so I started developing my first projects using Vuex too, and I was happy, it worked, it seemed useful and everyone used it, in short, it was cool.

I started using it for everything, even making simple API calls whose data was only used in a single component.

So I would like to help you to understand when it’s the right time to use Vuex. …


Luca Spezzano

Frontend developer focused on CSS architecture of scalable and maintainable large scale projects and the development of amazing user interfaces.

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