Hello! My name is Ted and this is my first post. I am 21 years old and from West Chester Pa. Since I have never done anything like this before please bare with me! I’m going to try to keep you guys updated on my adventures with my new car. Recently my 1999 toyota camry died so i was in the market for a cheap but sporty looking car that would turn heads and make me smile. My budget was about 1,200 after all of the crazy taxes and fees. My girlfriend and I weren’t having such a good morning so we decided to take a drive. Within an hour on the tiny backroads near Shippensburg Pa we saw it. A bright white car that i have never seen before. I saw the pop ups and immediately thought it was a mazda rx7 but i was wrong. The price tag only said $900! So of course we pulled off the road and went to chat with someone in the dealership about it. That’s where my 1995 ford probe came from! It had been sitting for 3 months and had 180,000 miles on it but hey it started up and had a brand new paint job and new tires as well. I didn’t even have enough to pay for the car so we drove home and collected every piece of change we could find. Plus some 20's in an old jacket! We showed up on Monday and the look on the dealers face was priceless. We told him that we had to scrounge up all of this money so i could buy this car and he thought we were joking. By the afternoon on may 5th i was the proud owner of a car as old as me. Sure it has a 4 cylinder and the belts squeaked when i got it but this was my first car that i had paid for myself.

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