Interrupted for a good cause

Our monthly meeting to write our reflection went a bit differently. We started in on a Friday, but went on to have a full of activities weekend on a multimedia event, so we only finished it on the next Monday. It was actually good for us because we applied everything we learned in those days to our own case, so when we sat down to write it down we had a lot to think about.

First, we talked about our relationship as a team. We are currently in pretty different situations, and we have two very distinct personalities. Most of the times it works because of that, but there are still situations where we don’t quite know how to deal with each other. We feel the pressure in different ways and strengths, our needs of communication are also different, and these issues are some of the things we are still working on, trying to find a balance that feels right for the both of us.

Then, we came to a point where we don’t have many new projects coming, and we have to find a way to keep getting an income. We talked about new ways to find and maintain clients, new types of projects and have some possible ideas that we will try in the next few months, but we are still working on them. We can’t say much yet, but we can say that other things we talked about were investing in platforms like nounproject, where we submit icon packages and get paid for each download. These are great extras where we keep getting an income for something we did once.

After listening to some insightful talks and stories from inspiring people, we realized we had to really define what we like to do are good at. We try so hard to know how to do everything that we can’t focus on what’s really important to us. So what do we really want to do: Graphic? Branding? Web Design? And in those areas, how can we stand out? What makes us different from every other studio, what can we offer that no one else can? These are some of the questions that we are trying to ask ourselves every day.

How can we stand out? What makes us different from every other studio, what can we offer that no one else can?

Following that thought, we realized we have to define our brand in a more specific way. We have to know exactly who we are as a brand, because when people ask us what we do we tend to hesitate and not really know how to answer, and that cannot happen! We have to understand who we are and what we want so well that we can answer those questions immediately, with no doubt at all. That also means we have to understand how to make what we promise to become a reality, how to achieve what we set ourselves to do.

Finally, we talked about how one of the talks we listened to really had an impact on us. He was very blunt but in a very motivational way. One of the things he said, that we realized we should do, was to write a list of our dream clients, the projects that perfectly fit our dreams. It was another thing to help us define what we want to do in the future, so it came in a great time. He also recommended some books on emotional intelligence and business thinking that we are definitely adding to our reading wishlist.

Overall, it was a month to think things over, redefine, to make plans for our future and work more internally.

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We’ll document our journey, and we hope you join us and find it helpful, even if it’s by learning what NOT to do!

‘Till next month,