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The internet of things, for many it may be a somewhat new and rare concept, throughout this blog we will talk about its concept, the way it works, a bit of its history that dates back a long time (although it is incredible) and how it influences and relates to many technological concepts that perhaps we think would have nothing to do with this topic.

What is the internet?

To put us a little in context, we will talk about the internet, as many of us know, it revolutionized the world and how we see it, in 1962 thanks to J.C.R. Licklider who conceived the idea of ​​the internet (Interconnected Networks) and is one of the forerunners of computer science, at that time worked at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and it was when he thought and created what would be a “Galactic network” that would connect a group of computers to share data regardless of the physical location of any of them, (this is how the internet is described as a network of computers that are connected globally), after 3 years, successfully connected two Computers located in California and Massachusetts respectively through a telephone line Years later, the military project ARPANET was created, which aimed to connect more and more connection networks.
The internet over time grew and so did its infrastructure to successfully support and guarantee its operation to connect millions in the world, as it does today, for that reason, they created what we know as DNS or Domain Name System.

In the 90s its expansion was such that it went from being a tool for research, to be for everyone’s use, thus many customs changed thanks to the arrival of the internet in our homes, at that time, telephone lines were used to achieve a connection to the internet.

Since then, technology has grown rapidly, which has split history in two, because thanks to connectivity and access to information, our way of communicating with the world and what is around it has evolved, because now we count With new customs to learn, communicate, express ourselves, socialize, among others, we have also discovered intelligent devices, artificial intelligence and many advances that mark our daily lives.

What is the internet of things?


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