How to Shoot Your Shot: Going Beyond Limits

“It always seems impossible, until it’s done” — Nelson Mandela

In my last post, “Procrastination, My Struggle To Fight Against It” I mentioned my ongoing battle with fighting against F.E.A.R, and why I procrastinate to step out of my comfort zone. Also, in my initial post of this series, “How to Shoot Your Shot”, I began with the importance of understanding yourself, faults and all.

But this entry in the series will focus on the behind the scenes components of preparing to step out on faith, and out of F.E.A.R — the Pre-Game.

To begin, it’s important to understand that working hard is more than just long nights and early mornings. It’s more than what you see, it’s about what you don’t see: The Motivation.

Motivation is a mixture of passion, encouragement, and faith. It’s the reason you are even working towards your goals in the first place. It’s what keeps you going. It’s what keeps you afloat, and in preparing to go beyond any and all limits, being aware of what motivates you is vital in making strides outside of your comfort zone.

Sadly, I can’t offer any advice on how to find your motivation, but taking time to get to know yourself, your frustrations, your passions and fears is a great place to start.

One thing that all projects have in common, from learning how to ride a bike to trying the end world hunger, is that all begin with a single step. Find your motivation, and hold it close to you. Wear it on your sleeve, wear it proudly, and focus on it everyday.

Know who you are in and out, and fully embrace yourself. Defeat your fears. Don’t limit yourself. Don’t let anyone limit you. Don’t let your current situation limit you. Go beyond all things.