Procrastination, My Struggle To Fight Against It

I procrastinate more than I need to.

Despite how much I constantly push myself to go beyond my own limits, procrastination has served as my blanket of safety by first denying myself, before giving anyone else the opportunity to do so. I procrastinate out of fear of my work not being good enough, and it not being executed the way that it needs to be. In all things, I give everything all I have, and when something that represents me does not reflect that, I get discouraged, frustrated, and I ultimately don’t want to risk anything ever again. I call it a protective measure.

I had a mentor who once told me that fear is an acronym, F.E.A.R, spelling out “False Expectations Appearing Real”. As I work to combat my false expectations, I’m learning to become more confident in my work, and giving myself more than enough time to properly execute tasks and complete goals. I don’t think there will ever come a time where I will no longer procrastinate, but I definitely know that there is no need for me to procrastinate as much as I currently do.

Life is a constant revisiting of the points highlighted in, “How to Shoot Your Shot”. Life is about growth, failing, and becoming stronger than you were yesterday. I’ll never have all the answers figured out, but I’ll never stop adapting to all that life throws at me and become more versatile. As I fight against procrastination, I am excited to see myself step more into who I am becoming.

I encourage everyone to push beyond their false expectations, and continue working on their goals. Always remember that you are the best you, and to give your ambitions proper room to flourish and grow. You cannot rush greatness, as you did not become the person you are today overnight. Everything takes time, trust the process, and fight against procrastination.