Bible in One Month — Day 6

Joshua 1–12

A short read today, but already noticing that the book nicely frames the context of Leviticus, as essentially being instructions passed down to Moses for their continued mission towards the promised land. Joshua is told to meditate on these instructions day and night, and that every place that the tribe of Israel walks into from hereon in, is given to them by God.

A big difference in this book compared to the others is that there is no ;direct hotline to God’ — Presumably as Moses was the only one who could hear from him directly.

This book is also one of the most brutal — in terms of warfare, with God wiping out entire cities, but also in terms of application of the law. It is clear that they were determined to unroot any sin in the group, and one particular example of this is when one of the camp members is stoned to death for bringing Israel into sin.

This book is a movie maker’s dream…

Day 5

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