Written communication is always the most preferred way of passing your business information from one location to another. And, the same trend is being followed in this modern era of the internet where emails are highly preferred way of communication. Email communication is not only preferred by businesses or official communications, but people prefer it for personal uses as well. Therefore, most of us generally have more than one mail accounts to fulfil our professional and personal mailing purposes.


  • You’ll first need to change your password with your email provider; then only should you change it in outlook
  • Once in outlook, click on the file button in the top left corner. Under the info section (it is selected by default), click on the account settings drop down and pick account settings
  • Click to select the email account whose password you want to update, and click change.
  • Just type your new password over the old one, and that’s it. Since you’re not required to retype it for confirmation, click on the test account settings button on the right to make sure you entered your new password without typos.
  • Click next and then click finish

Protecting personal folders like outlook PST file (personal storage table) with strong password is one of the efficient ways to protect your password. Applying security keys to our outlook PST file gives assurance that crucial data of outlook mailbox is protected from any unauthorised access. Therefore, it is not only recommended to protect PST file with strong password, but it is also required to change the code word regularly. However, like all other things around us, PST code words protection too has some drawbacks. For example if you forget the password applied on your PST file, then there is no built in utility or any help is provided by Microsoft to recover lost or forgotten outlook password.

Most of us face similar kind of situations in which, we forget the code word of our PST file due to any reason. Moreover, sometimes we take long hours to try different combinations of characters to recover lost security key. Some of us even get success from any of these tips; however, some may not recover lost or forgotten security keys. So, if we find it difficult to recover long PST code word, then there is another option available and we don’t need to panic. There is simpler way that quickly recovers this forgotten or lost personal storage table code word.

This easy and efficient way is to use professional outlook password recovery software. Most of these outlook recovery tools have friendly and easily understandable user interface by which, we can easily recover the code word applied on our personal storage table file. Some of the efficient features of reliable PST password recovery software are:

Stellar phoenix outlook password recovery is one such software that recovers the password of PST file accurately. The tool basically provides six sets of usable PST passwords, and anyone can use it to get the accessibility of outlook data file back.

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