Night to Morning, By: Levi McCormack 11/11/15

Darkness stretches across the maple woodland trees by the barn as a farm boy restlessly hustles the drowsy cattle inside for shelter. He closes the door and secures the lock before turning around into the deep stillness of a starlit night. The moon resembles a silver coin as it pockets itself beneath clouds that move like the waves against the ocean’s shore. Not far from him are old friends who practice reciting a sermon by campfire. They laugh at themselves while attempting the first few tries. After a few minutes they finish speaking, and the campfire crackles loudly blazing into a beacon as if it was applauding their success.

Inside are people who are enjoying each other’s company during Bible study. They eat while playing card and board games. After studying the book of Acts they pray before leaving with smiles on their faces. Across the street and down the road two parents overhear their middle child being violently harassed by a hooded assailant with gray eyes. They panic while calling the police for help, a struggle ensues the father is overpowered before the mother crushes the assailant’s head with an aluminum bat. Soon the police arrive and the assailant’s body is removed from their home.

Later that same night a light rain hovers over an elderly couple who renew their wedding vows by a quiet stream in the pillaring moonlight. They feel young again as they eat French bread with cheese and drink red wine while picnicking under a weeping willow by the light of a lantern.

Midnight rises with a wind that cuts through a field of lavender before blending it with a handful of herbs and spices that are turned inside a gentle whirlwind with leaves.It settles in a newly purchased house, filling it with scents of healing before the new owners arrive tired and puzzled.

Early in the morning the sun ascends in the sky on a dark blue carpet of clouds. The air is chilled as wind rolls above the ground, crashing down upon an early-rising criminal who has been redeemed. He wanders into a flooded rice field and lays down in the center of it. He then gazes up at the cloudless sky in silence as his friend wanders alone looking for him. Soon he finds him and accompanies his criminal friend in the flooded field. He sits there in the water next to him before hesitatingly asking if he will join him for the church service at eleven. He looks up at the empty sky before looking over at the criminal who fell asleep. He nudges him, but there is no response. A few hours later the church service starts, and the friend walks into the church wondering if his criminal friend is with the Lord in his Glory, as the day moves on.

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