I’ve just published a new Kindle book on Instagram marketing and it’s already getting rave reviews

And, no — it’s not from people that have been paid to say nice things…

So I’ve done it.

I’ve published “Instagram Marketing: How to build a brand, promote yourself, gain followers AND MAKE YOUR BUSINESS GROW” on Amazon Kindle.

At time of writing, the book has been on sale for eleven days and has already picked up six 5* reviews — which…is…awesome!!!

Looking for a helpful read that will grow your Instagram account?

I’ll cut to the chase. If you’re reading this, I want you to buy (and review) my book, too.

Here’s what you’ll learn if you go to Amazon and buy my book:

  • Getting started — How to set up your profile and get your first followers
  • How to start dominating your chosen niche in Instagram
  • Building a brand on Instagram: the fundamentals and advanced tactics
  • How to start scaling up your follower count
  • Guaranteed ways to make your Instagram photos look beautiful
  • How to use the power of video and storytelling to become an “influencer”
  • Different ways to use Instagram ads to increase your Sales
  • A complete walkthrough of how to deliver a successful Instagram contest

There’s tonnes of value in this book whether you are a seasoned Instagrammer or just considering it as a platform.

Here’s what people are saying about “Instagram Marketing: How to build a brand, promote yourself, gain followers AND MAKE YOUR BUSINESS GROW”:

Big shout out to everyone who’s bought my book and are saying nice things about it! :)

So, if you’ve got a Kindle and are interested in maximising the power of Instagram to make money and build your brand, then scoot over to Amazon and get my book now! :)

I’m Jonny Rose, creator of Gram To Grands.

I read. I write. I watch. I hustle. I believe Instagram is the biggest untapped opportunity for people that want to make money. Follow me on Medium to see more posts that explain how or sign up to the Make Money on Instagram Blog!