I want to be a researcher. But…

“Indian Rock Carving Art” by Fancycrave on Unsplash

I want to do a different kind of research. I want to explore new avenues of life that are not well formulated and documented. I am a metallurgist by education and profession. Why is it that ‘Ellingham Diagrams’ for showing temperature dependence with stability for compounds were not first visualized by Indians? Why do we always study ‘Newtons’ laws of motion, Atomic model by ‘JJ Thompson’? Everything that we study in science are named after the scientists not from India. Even in the areas of Philosophy, Psychology, Medicine, which has had been the core competency of Indians, we don’t have Indian names there. Has the spirit of Indian inquiry lost? I want to do something like Rabindra Nath Tagore- Rabindra Kala, Rabindra Sangeet, Rabindra this that and a lot. I want to do something like Kalidas and Valmiki, after them no other could write such epics. Why can’t I do this?

All the problems in the world are caused by so called educated class. I want to research and write a treatise on this. No one ever died of hunger in a village. There were never the problems of unemployment and pollution ever earlier. Then why everyone keep telling me that we are becoming an advanced and developed civilization. Is there no data to stand for or against of such an argument. Can I work on this? How? Can I develop new metrics to evaluate the economy, the growth, and prosperity? Can India become the most prominent name in the history of ideas for the future? Why wasn’t I to talk first about the metal criticality? Why only UN sets the development goals for the world, don’t we have a vision for ourselves? Why electricity, industry, computers and internet had its inception outside India? Why when I see around me, I find everything coming from outside India, the AC, cooler, fan, refrigerator, water purifier, plastic, medicines, lock, bicycle, paint, law, everything. I could feel the suppression of the Indian conscience.

My ‘I’ in the whole discourse signifies individualism. The same disease due to which we Indians do great individually, but collectively we lack miserably.

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