Promoting Good Animation: Washed Out — “Hard to Say Goodbye”, Directed by Jonathan Hodgeson
Adam Druschel

A rotoscoping wonderland, love it. Was questioning at first wether it would have been enough to be considered an animation but then it progressed with the tempo. I like the idea of the inner turmoil of getting over a failed relationship and it shows from the moment the main character wakes up, to when he falls back asleep.

The use of rotoscoping is used for various purposes. The colors changing to the beats transition in and out, the characters state of mind “static”, all help to keep the flow of the animation to fit the music.

I find the most impressive use is the motion tracking of the people during the skeleton sequences. People walking and talking, made it look like a living x-ray.

I had some mixed feelings about the selective subtitles but every artist has their reasonings. I just think that if they were going to use it to highlight important words why not do it for most of the lyrics. I guess maybe because they didn’t want viewers to be reading text the whole time. Ok never mind.

Interesting video and I liked the music. The location looked familiar, NYC?

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