Promoting Good Animation — The Lady and The Reaper
Victoria Rose

Greatly executed animation, one of a familiar tale. I thought that this was a revived version of an earlier work but as it turned out the animation I saw was by a different artist from 2013.

Your animation find is much more polished. I agree with your assessment of the use of warm and cool colors. The lighting also played a large part within each scene. For example in the morgue scene the “white light” and “red light” created an ominous feel that the morgue acted as purgatory. When the doctors intervened the woman rolled down the steps of hell. Sad considering at the beginning story she was about to see him in the “white light” and in the end she commits suicide.

When the doctor and death merge into one reality, the idea of fighting death is personified into an actual being, as opposed to a natural event in life. This brings to light the morality of trying to extend someones life beyond the bounds of nature. The doctor character with all his knowledge and achievements, plaques on the wall, embodies the aspects of a person trying to play the hero. The design fits as he has a large upper torso, chiseled chin and “Super Man” hair.

This animation is very solid and I love the use of different perspective camera lenses throughout. It’s amazing to see how many people were involved in making this animated short, and shows in the level of quality.

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