Promoting Good Animation: ANVIL by LORN
Faith Reed

Wow … Haven’t seen a music video this intense for awhile. Resembles “Aeon Flux” a little bit. The black and white rendering reminds me of works of art done in ink, almost like a moving lithograph. This animation takes the notion of “life and death” and wrings it all out into binary code.

I love the combinations of animation, by use of 3d and traditional 2d animation. By keeping things in black and white the two stylistically merge nicely. The movement of the story matches the sounds, and the character moves with the flow of the music.

I think what makes this animation so powerful is the concept of what society in the future might have to cope with. People are so engaged in the digital world for everyday interactions, will the concept of life soon become a questionable attribute once advanced technology deems it obsolete?


A very well thought out and nicely executed music video, deep in many ways technical prowess in visual style just to name one.

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